Reasy Is artificial intelligence that helps you with text comprehension

Created to support students with dyslexia in their learning journey with concept maps, summaries, speech synthesis and more.

Supported under the PRE-SEED Plus Notice CUP: F88I23000130006, POR FESR LAZIO 2014-2020

Does understanding a text become difficult?

Upload it to Reasy and log in to a world of customization

Any web page
becomes even more understandable thanks to Google Chrome extension

The strongest ideas come from those who experience difficulties firsthand, because you have a full understanding of what others may also need.

And the idea comes from Prof. Giuseppe Calabrò of the University of Tuscia in Viterbo, a father with a son with dyslexia.

His dream was to make learning environments more accessible and inclusive to people with Specific Learning Disorders.

This is the starting point for the scientific research of the European project Vrailexia, involving students with dyslexia

Reasy was born out of all this.

And it is much more than that.

Available on computers, tablets and smartphones


The words
of those who use it

You can get Reasy
with Teacher's Card

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Reasy features used with the app or webapp extend to the entire online world. With the Chrome extension, you can make any web page you are viewing and any content in a learning platform (e.g., Google Classroom) accessible.

No, our offerings include Reasy along with the Chrome extension because we consider them complementary for each student’s learning.

Yes, there is an option to add it and use it on other browsers. In some cases there is a need to enable third-party extensions, that is, those that are not original to the browser.

Yes, Reasy can be used with any platform.

With Reasy you can:

  • Upload text or photo files of a book in PDF/JPG/PNG;
  • Upload photos of the handwritten notes in JPG/PNG format.

Both Reasy and the Chrome Extension can be used with Chromebooks.

You can make an RDO (direct request for proposal) by searching for Tech4All s.r.l. on the MEPA.

We are flexible and create a specific offer for each school; we are also very quick to place the offer on MePA catalog. As soon as we accept the quote we add the item on the platform and give the product code for the Institute to make the purchase.

Yes, Reasy can only be used with a license.

The license is tied to the specific domain of the University or School (e.g.,

We offer a specific package together with Reasy, delivering training on its use. A certificate of participation will be issued to TFA teachers at the end.

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